Rey Diogo Wins Gold Medal 2009



Rey Diogo vs Daniel Gracie Match

During a tournament, Carlson asked Rey to remove his belt when he noticed his brother Robson was going to ref the match. Robson historically favored his family, so Carlson felt Rey would not get a fair match. Carlinhos convinced Carlson that there can be a separate match at the Gracie Barra gym with no referees. If there were any doubt on who won the fight, they were going to send the tape for other black belts to watch and give their opinions. Rey and Daniel were fine with that decision, so they agreed to fight the following week. Rey pushed the pace and got a couple points early on for the win. Thank you Roberto and Tatiana for the clarification. I spoke with Rey and this was his take on it as well. Obrigado!!!

At the end of this fight, I had to edit out because it was too long for youtube – a man named Rommel Cordoso walks in and greets Carlson. He proceeds to challenge Rey after Rey just beat Daniel. Both Carlson and Rey agree and ask that Rey be given a few minutes to recover from his fight with Daniel, but Carlinhos said no that this was too much for today and they will reschedule a challenge match another time. That challenge match is the next video ­čśë

** I did forget to mention that: ” Daniel Gracie & Rey -the two competitors were very close friends, even roommates at one point- while their coaches, Carlson & Carlos, Jr had this intense rivalry:” **



Rey Diogo Vale Tudo fight